I’m glade to see you in my little space on the internet.

Here I share my thoughts on photography, my practice, inspiration etc… It has been almost five years since I have started photography, I learned a few things about this topic, so sharing my ups and downs, my mistakes and my creative process acquired during these years is one of the guidelines of this blog. Also talking about different artists or collectives and their master pieces, even books that strike me or I found interesting to share.

Minimalism is a big part of this blog too. Indeed I would to study and expose my thoughts and feelings about these concepts. How do they apply to my day to day life and why ?

Last but not least, I would like to gather both minimalism and my creative photographic process into my everyday practice. Dissect and combine these two in order to have a more meaningful day to day practice.

There are a lot questions to strike, so let’s start right now.